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ARDES was born in 1956 from the passion of a family for the breeding world, more precisely, for the equine world. Still nowadays, ARDES conceives, makes and commercializes animal identification solutions and veterinary material while immortalizing its passion through its world presence.

In 1956, accompanied by technical partners, ARDES launched a range of veterinary products made to meet specific needs from the equine health industry.

This proximity with veterinarians moved ARDES closer and closer to the breeding world. From its interactions and proximity with breeders, ARDES identified needs and requirements from the breeders unsatisfied by products on the current market. From this conclusion, ARDES developed and commercialized its first syringe, by answering successfully to breeders’ and veterinarians’ high expectations.

Thanks to a consistent and growing relationship with breeders and veterinarians, ARDES started, at the end of the 80s, animal identification solutions by collaborating with laboratories and breeders, in order to propose an innovative product, answering users’ needs. It was concluded by the identification range creation in 1987.

ARDES Syringe_edited.jpg
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